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  • By De'Jonique Garrison Multimedia Journalist

Augusta All In on Casinos

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Augusta is on board in a state-wide effort to bring casino gambling to Georgia.

Commissioners unanimously voted on a motion that would provide additional funding to educate the public on the benefits of bringing casinos to the Peach State.

House Representatives plan to aggressively tackle the issue this year, with a proposal that would bring up to four casinos to the area.

Proponents of the idea say at least 90% of the state's profit would go towards funding the HOPE Scholarship Fund.

Commission Marion Williams tells Fox 54 that anything that generates revenue for the area is a win.

"I'm all for whatever we can get. I hope Augusta benefits from it. Look at all of this rain we had the other day. All of this water and people are complaining. If we can get some finance and economic development in Augusta," said Williams.

The Augusta Legislative Delegation is leading the charge for the city to possibly serve as one of the locations for a regional casino.

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