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Georgia Horse Racing Runs Out Of Time

ATLANTA, Ga. (March 13, 2015) – The Georgia Horse Racing Coalition ran out of time to bring SR 135, a Senate Resolution to allow for a constitutional amendment to allow Georgians to vote on the legalization of horse racing with pari-mutuel wagering and bring one of America’s oldest sports to Georgia.

Needing to secure just two more Senate votes to win the 38 votes required for a two-thirds majority in the Senate, time ran out to bring the resolution to the Senate floor by the March 13th crossover date.

“The two votes we needed to pass the Senate were clearly in reach … we just needed a hundred more yards to cross the finish line,” says Carl Bouckaert, GHRC Chairman. “Unfortunately, we just could not finalize them before the deadline.”

“We want to thank all the Senators who showed their bi-partisan support for bringing the great American sport of racing to Georgia,” said Dean Reeves, GHRC President. “Horse racing would bring thousands of jobs and over $25M in revenues for education to Georgia and become another marquee tourist destination for the state.”

The final count before the deadline passed was 36 yes and 10 undecided and only 10 no’s with no strong opposition. Overall, 64% were in favor, and another 17% that were undecided with only 17% opposed.

Those revenues would have supported educational programs as well as the University Of Georgia College Of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine.

“We especially want to thank our many supporters whose voices were heard loud and clear by the Senate,” Reeves added. “We look forward to 2016 now that we know we can attain the votes needed to bring this amazing sport to Georgia.”

The GHRC is comprised of leading Georgia business executives who love horses and see the value that horse racing can bring to Georgia. The mission of the GHRC is to work with state leaders to pass legislation allowing pari-mutuel wagering in Georgia in order to encourage and support a statewide horse racing industry that will bring jobs, tax revenues and tourism to local communities. Learn more and keep up with breaking news at

Media Contact: Steve Crayne, Executive Director (770) 853-0318

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