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72% Of Georgia Voters Want the Constitutional Right to Vote on Horse Racing

In a 2012 poll by Landmark Communications, Inc. 72% of Georgia voters said they support a statewide voter referendum allowing voters to decide whether to permit horseracing and pari-mutuel wagering in Georgia.

The Great American Sport of Horse Racing will bring thousands of jobs in Racing, Breeding, Farming, Hospitality, Tourism, et al. In addition, the sport will generate up to $25 million for need-based scholarships, grants, or loans to enable citizens to attend units of the University or Technical College System of Georgia, or eligible private colleges and universities; and voluntary pre-kindergarten revenues.

Read the definitve poll results here: Landmark Poll Horseracing 2012-results

About Landmark Communications:

“Landmark’s clients rely on our proven record of highly accurate polling, our proprietary voter database targeting systems and the most effective combination of advertising methods in the industry including direct mail, television, social media management and more.”

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