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The Time is Now! For the Sport of Horse Racing in Georgia!

Our mission is to work with our state leaders to pass legislation allowing pari-mutuel wagering in Georgia in order to encourage and support a statewide horse racing industry that will bring jobs, tax revenues and tourism to our communities.

  1. The Team: Leading Business Executives & Horse Owners

  2. New Jobs: Thousands of Racing, Breeding, Farming, Hospitality, Tourism et al

  3. Tax Revenues: Up To $20 M for the HOPE Scholarship, Transportation and Other Critical Statewide Projects

  4. Privately Financed: No Taxpayer Dollars Required to Build World Class Racing and Entertainment Complex

  5. 72% Voter Support: Per 2012 Landmark Communication Survey of Georgia Voters

  6. Pari-Mutuel Wagering (Similar to Bingo): Self-sufficient Without Casino Gambling

  7. Out-of-State Wagering: Accounts for 87% of Monies Wagered, (6% on Track, 7% in State)

  8. Regional Advantage: Georgia Offers the Ideal Location for the Sport of Horse Racing

  9. Established Equine Industry: Existing180,000 Horse Population, $5oo M + Economic Impact and Demographics Provide Solid Foundation for Success.

  10. Partnerships: Racetrack Chaplaincy of America & Old Friends Thoroughbred Aftercare.

  11. Funding: For UGA Equine Veterinary School & Thoroughbred Retirement Programs.

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